About Us

Ruceto was founded by two veterans in the finance industry. Our founders’ experience span across venture capital, equity research, management consulting, and banking. We created the Ruceto DAO with the vision of users receiving unbiased institutional quality research that’s directed and led by the community. For our traditional research, we leverage our deep experience in the finance industry to produce quality research on the Web3 revolution. While closely tracking the billions of dollars of institutional capital flowing into Web3, we write deep dive reports on what we see as intriguing long-term projects that have received funding.

Our Mission

While researching Web3 and crypto , Ruceto’s founders realized there is a great need in the industry for institutional quality research. Many crypto projects launch their tokens for the general public, yet have very little investment related information available. Ruceto was founded to solve this problem. Ruceto is an unbiased source for information and provides a view on how institutions think about specific crypto projects.

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